• Overkill Debugging

    Hack that Code! I have a not-so-secret technique that I use whenever I encounter a bug that evades my grasps. Or when I am lazy. Okay, mostly when I am lazy. The idea is no more than applying the concept of binary search to source code: Of course, this naive approach is rarely practical. For […]

  • HamFox: Forking Firefox for Fun and no Profit

    Null Cipher The radio amateur service does not allow encryption of communications. This is a fundamental rule meant to ensure that the amateur service is not used for unintended purposes, such as commercial ones. As a consequence, we cannot transmit passwords securely over the amateur frequencies. But we can use cryptographic authentication. Just not anything […]

  • HTTPS Without Encryption

    As I have discussed previously, we can use cryptography over the amateur radio service, as long as we disable encryption. I have shown how to do this with SSH. Now, let’s see how to do this with HTTPS. Modifying a Web browser, or even just a Web server, is an involved process, so we’ll start […]

  • HamSSH

    In a previous article, I explained that encryption is not allowed on the radio amateur service, but that we could still use public-key cryptography. In particular, we could use SSH for authentication, but without encryption. This would allow secure remote control of base stations, satellites and more. In this article, I will discuss how we […]

  • Float Woes in C

    The C programming language is a gift that keeps giving. Today, we are going to see how a seemingly banal and common operation can hide unfathomable depths of unmentionable horrors. Woes with Integer Coercion What is the problem of the code below? It’s written in C. A Rust enthusiast That’s… a good point. But let’s […]

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I found the Dark Side in elementary school in a book from the local public library that taught me QuickBASIC. Nowadays, I mostly use Python, C and C++. In the meantime, I got a Master in computer science from École normale supérieure de Lyon because I wanted to really understand how computers work. Then I got a PhD in mathematics from École normale supérieure because cryptography is fun.