Where to Start with Rust

As a Rust evangelist, I have been asked a few times for resources to start learning Rust. I have compiled my thoughts in this article. I have ordered the resources in a rough order: you should first take a look at the first resources and later at the other ones. Do not take it as gospel, and do peek at the rest of the list before completing even the official tutorial.

The Rust Programming Language

This is the official tutorial for Rust. It is also known as “the Rust book”. I do not recommend you read it entirely, but you should read at least the first 12 chapters. Of course, the rest of the chapters are worth a read, but the more advanced topics are better covered by dedicated resources.

Rust for functional programmers

If you are used to programming in Haskell or OCaml, this tutorial might help you get you to speed quicker.

Tour of Rust

For a more hands-on approach, you can use this tutorial, which drops you in a Rust playground with minimal exercises that each train you on a new concept.

Rust by Example

If the Tour of Rust is not enough, you can also try this one to complement your knowledge.

Learning Rust With Entirely Too Many Linked Lists

This tutorial is about getting over one of the main pain points of Rust: cyclic references. It goes over various solutions, how they work, and their pros and cons. A must-read if you want to become more comfortable with Rust.

Learn Rust the Dangerous Way

You can see this tutorial as an extension of the previous one. When you are used to developing in C, switching to idiomatic Rust can seem like a daunting task. This website will take you from a C program (the n-body problem from the Benchmarks Game) to a fully idiomatic and optimized Rust one.


At this point, you should be getting comfortable with the syntax and main idiosyncrasies of Rust. This collection of exercises will let you hone your skills.

Zero To Production In Rust (book)

To go further than writing small snippets of Rust, you will want to start taking into account higher-level considerations. This book narrates every step in setting up a simple mailing-list server in Rust.

Macros in Rust

Writing macros is a fairly advanced topics of Rust. This tutorial will get you more familiar with writing declarative macros (or “macros by example”).

The Rustonomicon

Most of the time, you should not need to touch unsafe. But, when you do, you enter a parallel world where every step you take could lead you to the dreaded undefined behaviors. Using unsafe safely requires thinking about many things. This tutorial will help you get started with this.

Rust for Rustaceans (book)

Like all non-trivial software projects, Rust has its quirks and unintuitive mechanisms. This book is a very dense explication of some of this crust. You might also enjoy the author’s YouTube channel.

This Week in Rust

This is the one-stop-shop to keep learning more about Rust, its ecosystem and its community. You do not need to follow all the links, or even read it from start to finish, but skimming the latest edition every week will let you stay on top of things.

Rust Koans

I conclude this list of heavy technical content with some light reading, likely inspired from the Rootless Root.

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