First Commit

I have been thinking about starting yet another blog for a while. As someone who breathes code, writing my own blog engine is pretty much a reflex. In fact, I created quite a few websites in the past, mostly in PHP. This stems from a search for “just the right tool for the job”.

However, I have started battling with what would be best described as writer’s block. During summer 2019, I have done tremendous progress on Kepler’s Project, a full C++ rewrite of a former Python project (Spyce). Spyce had stalled because I would feel overwhelmed whenever I attempted to add a feature to the code base. Although a rewrite is generally a risky endeavor, I managed to get it through, port virtually all functionality, and add quite a few, in relatively short time.

I was so productive because of a simple principle: get stuff done. No matter if it is ugly, hacky or even buggy. Just make it work! It is much easier to improve on the existing, or fix actual bugs than try to engineer the perfect solution from the get-go. I actually encountered recently a comment on Hacker News that expressed a similar sentiment.

The takeaway is that, if you can, just produce the crappiest, quickest thing you can first. Once you’re done, seriously evaluate if it actually needs to be any better, because often this crappy solution isn’t actually that crappy and perfectly sufficient.


To get back to the point, I realized that I needed to make the most boring choice of a blogging platform to focus on what actually mattered: content. So this blog is powered and hosted by WordPress until further notice.

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